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Cymatherapy® is a non-invasive sound therapy that helps restore the body to optimal health, balance and function. It uses advanced instruments to transmit frequencies to the body’s organs and tissues that are associated with healthy cells and healthy cell function, supporting the body’s natural healing abilities.

Cyma®1000, the FDA-approved acoustic massager that is involved in a Cymatherapy session, comes from the research of Dr. Peter Guy Manners, a British osteopath who worked with several other scientists to collate the research and development of vibrational signatures. They were able to detect and record the frequencies of tissues with the help of instrumentation designed to capture the frequencies of these vibrational signatures.

Today, some scientists have shown that the human body is a dynamic energy system and that our cells, organs and tissues have their own vibratory or resonant nature. This natural, or resonant, frequency can become upset or imbalanced, leading to pain, illness or disease. The Cyma®1000 is the culmination of over 50 years of research and development. The Cyma®1000 uses a unique application to deliver precise combinations of frequencies associated with healthy tissues and organ systems. These sound waves help to normalize and synchronize the cells’ frequency back to its natural healthy state of vibrational resonance.

Cyma®1000 is programmed with some 700 “commutations” (harmonious combinations of five frequencies) to treat a variety of imbalances in the body. The Cyma®1000, via its patent-pending application, also contains a static magnet in the diaphragm of its applicator head. This innovation provides a combined magnetic field and a sound wave that oscillates at the same frequency simultaneously. Many well-constructed medical studies in Europe, Asia, and the United States have proven that oscillating magnetic fields are effective in alleviating many physical problems. The combination of sound and magnetic therapy – two powerful and natural healing agents in the field of bioresonance and vibrational medicine – further enhance results when combined.

Conventional medicine, based on the Newtonian viewpoint, approaches the body as a biomechanical system. It views the parts of the body, controlled by the brain and nervous system, as each having an individual function. This approach looks at symptoms and tries to fix the particular part of the body that has malfunctioned, often using drugs or surgery.


What is known as “energy medicine” or “vibrational medicine,” on the other hand, works from the premise that the body is made up of interpenetrating energy fields, which in turn interact with the physical and cellular systems of the body. This approach holds that; if the human beings are made of energy fields and energy systems, then by directing energy into the body we can influence and change the body’s energetic patterns, promoting a restoration of those energy patterns to their natural healthy state. Energetic therapies, such as sound therapy, do not treat the symptoms as the cause of the problem. Instead, treatment is directed at the body’s subtle energy systems and the flow of energy within and between these systems.

How does Quantum Magnetic Body Analysis work?

In simple terms - the body has millions of cells, which continuously grow, develop, split, regenerate and die off.  Through these processes the nuclear electrons of the cells are moving and changing at high speed, emitting electromagnetic waves.  The signals of electromagnetic waves emitted by the body represent the specific condition of the body.  Therefore, different signals of electromagnetic waves will be emitted depending on the condition of the body.  A Quantum Magnetic Analyzer can pick up on these subtle changes.

What may the Quantum Magnetic Analyser pick up?
  • Heart / Brain / Lungs - The condition of the arteries, thickness of the blood, oxygen supply to the body and brain, total lung capacity, etc.

  • Gastrointestinal - Stomach acid levels, peristalsis, absorption, etc.

  • Liver, Kidneys, Gallbladder and Pancreas - Fatty liver, detoxification, bile secretion, uric acid, protein urea, blood sugar and insulin.

  • Reproductive Organs - State of the sexual organs and hormone levels

  • Minerals, Vitamins, Anti-oxidants, Fatty Acids - shortages and interactions

  • Toxins and Heavy Metals - Variety of heavy metals and environmental pollutants

  • Endocrine and Immune System - Thyroid, adrenals, lymph, spleen and thymus

  • Blood Lipids - Triglycerude, LDL and HDL levels

  • Bone Health - Bone growth, bone density, calcium problems and other nutrients related to bones, osteoporosis, rheumatism and degree of bone calcification.

  • Eyes and skin - Visual fatigue, eye cell activity, lymphatic obstruction, and collagen level.

  • Body Mass Index and Basal Metabolic Rate - Body assessment 

Benefits of Quantum Magnetic Analysis
  • It is non-invasive and painless

  • Analysis in minutes

  • Prediction of disease even before symptoms develop

How is a Quantum Magnetic Analysis Performed

The Quantum Magnetic Analyser is connected to a computer whilst the client holds on to a sensor.  The body's magnetic frequencies are collected and stored on the computer for interpretation by the practitioner.

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