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About Andrea

Andrea Rathsi
Andrea Rathsi - Founder of Rainbow Lodge

Olá...I’m Andrea. Originally from England, I have been living in the mountains of Central Portugal since 2013. I relocated to Rainbow Lodge in October 2016 to fulfil my dream of creating a Spiritual Retreat Centre where people could spend time in nature and discover their true purpose in life.


Through the journey of my own Awakening that began in 2000, I have followed the path of Shamanic and Mystery school teachings. I have discovered who I am and what my soul wants to create in this life time. I have a mission this life time to be in service to humanity and to create a better world.

Through my work at Rainbow Lodge I support other people who are in a transition period. Many people have an inner knowing that they need to change something in their life that is holding them back from finding their true direction and purpose.

I am fully qualified in a variety of tools and techniques including; Shamanic Healing, Reiki, Crystals, Sound, Colour, DNA Activation & Clearing, Quantum Magnetic Analysis, Cymatherapy, Emotional Freedom, Transference Healing and Munay Ki. I have also began in depth study of the Qabbalah to gain an understanding of Astrology, Tarot and the Tree of Life.

Therapy sessions are available with Andrea and the Rainbow Lodge team on an adhoc basis, they are available to book online, or as a course dependent on the individual's needs.


For further information on the types of therapy available, please see here.


Workshops and retreats are also available at Rainbow Lodge

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