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Courses for 2024
(online and in-person) 

Andrea Rathsi - Founder of Rainbow Lodge

Fully qualified Teacher in a unique synthesis

of healing modalities including;

*Reiki Level 1 - 4th & 5th May

*Reiki Level 2 - 8th & 9th June

*Reiki Level 3 - 6th & 7th July

*Crystal Healing Level 1- 11th & 12th May

*Crystal Healing Level 2 - 15th & 16th June

*Crystal Healing Level 3 - 13th & 14th July

Alchemy of Love Level 1 - 25th & 26th May

Alchemy of Love Level 2 - 29th & 30th June 

*Alchemy of Love Level 3 - 27th & 28th July

*Astrology Level 1 - 7th & 8th September

*Astrology Level 2 - 5th & 6th October

*Astrology Level 3 - 2nd & 3rd November

*Tarot Level 1 - 14th & 15th September

*Tarot Level 2 - 12th & 13th October

*Tarot Level 3  - 9th & 10th November

*Munay Ki Level 1 - 28th & 29th September

*Munay Ki Level 2 - 26th & 27th October 

*Munay Ki Level 3 - 23rd & 24th November

Bespoke, Personalised Training sessions are available with Ishtar for individuals and small groups.


They are available online or in person dependent on the individual's needs.

Each course subject listed above is taught over three weekends.

Each day will be from 10:00 hrs to 18:00hrs.

A written manual will be included for each weekend. 

Lunch of homemade soup and salad will be provided along with light refreshment of coffee or herbal teas. 

Each course subject, for the three weekends, will require an Investment of 375 euros payable two weeks  in advance of the first weekend

Please reach out and contact Ishtar to discuss your individual needs and clarify any further questions



Healing & Workshops
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