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Introduction to the Services available at

Rainbow Lodge

Energy Healing

Rainbow Lodge offers a space for you to retreat into nature and soulfully reconnect with your body, mind and spirit. Surrounded by spectacular beauty, you can experience a deep sense of stillness.

With the pressures of modern living, it’s important to take time out to concentrate on our health and well-being, to reassess where we are in our lives and create space for renewal and rejuvenation.

Andrea and our team at Rainbow Lodge can offer a range of affordable therapies and activities for your stay to help you slow down and relax. We offer astrology consultations, tarot readings, crystal healing, reiki and energy healing, sound work, transference healing, meditation, and much more besides. 

Whether you’re looking to begin your spiritual journey or you are an experienced practitioner, our retreat centre is the perfect place to really grow on your journey, and begin leveling up.


We are open for group and individual retreats all year long with our focus on bringing the mind and body in to balance.

Healing sessions are also performed ONLINE and this is a very effective way of gaining dedicated support for your process...

Sacred drum ceremony
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