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Rainbow Lodge relocated to a new home in July 2024. Situated at the foothills of the Serra da Estrela Natural Park surrounded by stunning mountains.

People visit us to attend a Therapy session or a Course. 


Our intention is to create a peaceful space where people can spend time in nature, rest, relax and switch off from every day life. 

Life at Rainbow Lodge is down to earth, we relish the simplicity, seclusion and pure air.

If you need to travel here for your therapy session then you can stay overnight. Our simple and rustic accommodation supports your connection to nature. 

The lodge provides a nurturing indoor space and patio for watching the incredible sunsets and dining al fresco. You can join our family for an evening meal,  sit back with a book from our inspiring library, stargaze or simply ‘Be’.


Our facilities are shared; we have an indoor bathroom with hot shower, and toilet. There’s a therapy room, outdoor workshop space and lots of spots on the land where you can take time for yourself and reconnect with nature.


We offer nourishing organic evening meals, including  vegetarian and vegan made with fresh produce from the garden.

You can make the most of your time with us by booking a holistic treatment or workshop with Andrea who has a wealth of experience in different healing modalities. 


Rainbow Lodge is a family run smallholding growing its own food, rearing its own animals and all of the fun this involves. This creates a truly unique experience and a genuine 'home away from home' feel we invite you to share in.

If you’re looking for a a place to nurture the soul, be surrounded by nature, animals and healthy food we invite you to join us at Rainbow Lodge.

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