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I am passionate about the healing art of crystals. They are a tool for channeling very specific energies and a guide for our evolution. 

Crystals guide us to clear our blocked energy and inform us what we need to bring into our life.

During a crystal healing you will feel released and in a meditative state. It is an ideal opportunity, a moment in time, a gift to yourself, to relax and tune in to your soul and your guides.

During the healing I will balance your chakras, release you from any negative energy , release you from any relationships that are holding you back, balance your thoughts and emotions, open the gateway to your higher guidance, and much more.


For more evolved souls who want to work with me over 3 or more sessions, I can activate your Merkaba, realign you to the 5th dimensional Earth grids, and align you to the planetary grids.

This process will assist you with your Ascension process and activate your light body, clearing karmic wounds and activating DNA.

In this service I work as an Ascension Guide, and Shaman...

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Sessions are available both


Contact me to arrange your


You can pay for your sessions online HERE

  • Crystals rebalance the chakras and the emotional, mental and spiritual...

    1 hr 30 min
    111 euros
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