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The Rainbow Experience


We are a simple Spiritual Nature Retreat nestled in a Valley near the Serra de Estrela mountains. The land is sacred and built on quartz which is a high vibrational crystal.


You can come and stay with us and take part in our Rainbow Experience. Our intention here is to support you with Self Discovery, healing and growth.


The Exchange for the Rainbow Experience is as follows.


What you receive:

  • Camping immersed in nature 

  • Living in a heart based community, sharing and supporting each other

  • Healthy, organic meals (seasonally from the land)

  • Connecting with the chickens, donkeys, pigs, dogs and cats.

  • Experiencing organic gardening, harvesting, preserving.

  • Understanding off grid living

  • Weekly activities (sound healing, cacao ceremony, ecstatic dance, sharing circle)

  • Visit to local attractions and markets

  • One Healing/ Self-Development session with Andrea per week (crystal healing, astrology reading, reiki, transference healing, shamanic healing, sound healing, transformational coaching)

  • One day course with Andrea per week (Crystal healing, energy work, shamanic healing practices, sound healing)

  • Use of all commodities; laundry, outside kitchen, bathroom.

We welcome new guests for the Rainbow Experience every 2 weeks on the New Moon or Full Moon. The minimum stay is two weeks to fully immerse yourself in the experience. 


What you receive for your investment each week:

  • Basic camping accommodation

  • 3 simple meals per day

  • A Personal Healing/ Self Development session

  • One day group training course

  • Learning and experiencing off grid living


TOTAL: €350 per week 


We always dine collectively in the evenings and this is part of the experience to bring a sense of togetherness. 


We look forward to welcoming you.


Our Key Principles:

  1. Reconnect to Self  

  2. Reconnect to Others

  3. Reconnect to Nature


Immersive Learning Goals:

  1. Self Realisation

  2. Living in Community

  3. Healthy Living

  4. Becoming self sufficient and sustainable

  5. Connecting to Nature as part of the Eco system

  6. Developing your personal Spiritual practice

  7. Healing and Astrology Resources

  8. Shared group experiences and knowledge

If you are interested in finding out more and to see if this is a suitable experience for you then please contact me. We can then arrange a one to one chat online.

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