For the last couple of years I have noticed that many of the young people being drawn to Rainbow Lodge are in their late twenties or early thirties. As an Astrologer, I first thought this was due to their Saturn return that triggers a life review around 29 years old. But I then realised there was something else they all had in common.


These young people have come from different backgrounds and countries and are travelling around the world to find somewhere to call home. One thing they have in common is that they are disillusioned with “normal” life. Many of them have left jobs, relationships and families to find themselves. They all feel they have a greater purpose or mission to fulfil to help others and serve humankind. But often they don’t know how to go about this and have difficulties understanding what direction to take with their life.

These individuals are highly sensitive to others’ energy, they are overwhelmingly empathic and often have strong intuitive and psychic abilities. They have the ability to quickly grasp an understanding of who people are without talking to them. They are often on a quest for the truth and have little time for people who are not authentic.

Cities and busy places are difficult for them to handle due to the overwhelming number of people and stimuli. This can easily send them in to chaos, depleting their energy and leaving them unable to connect and ground. There may be feelings of not quite fitting into society and being misunderstood by family.


This lack of belonging can transpire through mental or psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression and insomnia. These young people will find much more of a sense of belonging and deep resonance with spirituality and within spiritual communities.

Part of the process of finding a new path is breaking away from your current environment and social pressures. By removing yourself from the pressures and fears that you experience from family and friends you can start to focus on your hearts true desire.

What I have observed at Rainbow Lodge is that we are creating a place in nature away from the day to day distractions of modern life. It is a place to be with other like minded people who can offer each other support and understanding around their individual needs. It was lovely to witness this year the respect each of the young people had for each other’s energetic needs and personal sensitivities.

I have also realised that I have developed the skills to guide people through the complexities of their Astrology charts to understand and accept “who they are” and “what they can create” in this world. By looking at their Astrology in depth we can then pinpoint key information and dates to support people achieve their dreams and life mission. Astrology also helps people understand their core wounds and family dynamics. And with a variety of healing modalities, I can show people how to let go of past experiences and traumas that are blocking them reaching their true potential in life.


From the knowledge and experience I have gained this year I have decided to launch the Starseed Academy for young people who need support and guidance to find their true self away from the pressures of modern day life. My intention is for the Academy to organically grow in response to the young people who join our transitory community.


I can offer workshops to show people how to scan and cleanse their own energy field and be aware when outside energies are effecting their mood and overall health. It is really important for sensitive empathetic people to know how to create strong energetic boundaries in order to function in the modern world.

As a community we can offer additional spiritual guidance, astrology and alternative healing modalities to support you on your path. Private astrology and healing sessions will be offered for an additional investment.

If you are interested in finding out more or joining our community then please contact me:


For more information about Starseeds click here:    00 351 962 929 611

© 2016 by Ishtar Rathsi. Adapted by Jamie Shaw (

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