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After having learned from different healers and teachers during his travels through india, south america and south africa, Florian has developed his own blend of techniques to help people in their process of finding their way back home to themselves. In his work he combines the wisdom of western astrology with shamanic energy techniques and offers karmic clearings through accessing the akashic records. Sessions can be done in person or remotely via Zoom or telephone. An overview of his services can be found on his website"


Astrology is not a science or a belief system that we can either chose to have faith in or disregard as quackery. It tells us what we psychologically and karmically came here to work with. I offer single readings or using your natal chart as an ongoing ‚assistant‘ during a consecutive counselling process.


A big part of my work involves working within the realm of spirit. I created my own blend of tools that live inside an intersection of shamanism and light work. During our session together I will connect with spirit to identify what is needed in a given situation.


The akashic and ancestral reading and clearing is a deep and transformative process. I access your akashic records to find karmic root blocks and restrictions that might have been perpetuated throughout several lifetimes and still affect you in your current life.


The type of bodywork that I am offering has its roots in the ’Personal Bodywork’ developed by german philosopher and Zen-teacher Karlfried Graf von Dürckheim. Experience being deeply grounded in your body and in touch with your innate sense of inner peace.


Contact me directly by email:
or by phone: +49 176 456 548 26

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