From my early 20s I left the UK on a journey of self exploration, studying different modalities in search of health and spiritual evolution. Having spent a lot of time focused on shadow work and integration, I spent a few years apprenticing with my teacher in Guatemala. This work was centered around liberation from childhood conditioning using a synthesis of family constellation work and Kambo.


My journey took me to the Amazon, home of the Kambo medicine, where I spent a month in dieta and studying with the Kambo Naturista association. After which I left to begin my own path as a practitioner and to offer the medicine to others.

After a rite of passage in Death Valley, I moved to Portugal with my partner to create a home and play our part in building healthy, thriving communities. My current work is evolving as I see the need to bring about a renaissance of healthy embodied masculine energy in the world and my work is focused on empowering individuals to discover and enact their purpose.


I am deeply invested in regenerative agriculture, human and planetary evolution and the guidance and nourishment of the souls incarnating on the planet at this time. 

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Constellation work is a profoundly powerful healing modality, through which we are able to identify and clear blockages within a familial system, in order to restore the natural flow of love. Within a familial system, there exists highly complicated and deeply rooted patterns of behaviour and perception. Through loyalty to our family system and offering ourselves in love, we often take places within the system where we inherit beliefs and take on patterns of unresolved karma from our ancestors.

In a family constellation the internal image of the person's family is externalised through the help of representatives who take the places of the family members. By standing in the place of the family members, representatives can give voice to the subtle energetic currents which exist in relationship to the other members, but are rarely acknowledged or consciously realised.  Externally portraying the participant's inner picture of their own family, with all its tensions and conflicts, creates the space in which the deeply conditioned patterns and belief systems can be safely recognised and resolved. Restoring the system to a state of harmony allows the flow of love to freely pass between those within the family, enriching all.




Every person is born as a function of the Earth's planetary evolution. Each soul carries their own set of unique gifts to make manifest in the material world, with a unique role to play in the unfurling of the universe. Each soul is of inherent value and importance in this process.


The language of astrology with its archetypes and symbolism is an extremely effective way to describe the circumstances and reasons of one's birth into time and space. Using the birth chart as a cosmic map or portrait of the soul's incarnation on Earth, we can begin to enter into the discussion of vocation. The drives and internal conflicts inherent in the psychological blueprint can be framed in the context of creating the necessary tensions for personal and spiritual transformation. A truly holistic approach, astrology addresses all aspects of the self in an attempt to integrate and align with the energetic forms described by the chart.


Vocation can be characterised as the call to enact the individual soul's genius in the world, to bring their cosmic vision down to Earth. When we don't honour the call of the soul we restrict the flow of life energy available to us and this can manifest in a huge variety of symptoms. Realigning with this energetic flow re-establishes the pathways which conduct vitaly and abundance through our beings and bring purpose into our lives.


Other cultures recognised the importance of each member of society contributing their own genius and the special gifts they offered to the community. Current societal structures are inclined to categorise people into existing roles, completely ignoring the gifts of the individual and leaving many cut off from their own agency. There has potentially never been such a pivotal time for the evolution of humanity and consequently never such an important time for individuals to be aligned with their soul's purpose. 




Kambo is a powerful shamanic medicine traditionally used to cleanse the mind, body and soul, with the first ritualised use of the medicine emerging among amazonian tribes. The application of Kambo heightens the senses and awareness and clears the energetic field of imprints and stagnation. It is an extremely intelligent medicine that works throughout the entire system, removing physical, emotional and mental blockages. The spirit of Kambo opens our perception and brings us into a state of deeper connection with ourselves and closer to our natural state of attuned well being.


During the process, the excretion of the phyllomedusa bicolor frog is applied via small burns to the skin. A non psychedelic substance, Kambo helps to trigger the innate purging process of the body, removing toxicity and deeply cleansing the cells. The sessions last around 1.5-2 hours, with the application and purging process lasting around 20-40 minutes.

Kambo is one of the strongest natural anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antimicrobial and anaesthetic substances in the world. It helps strengthen the immune system and detoxifies the liver, kidneys, gall bladder and intestines. The immediate and short term effects can include enhanced mood, alertness, clarity, focus, vitality and increased resistance to stress and tiredness.


Sessions are held individually on a one to one basis so that each person receives full attention and care during their process. The Kambo used has been personally and ethically harvested with the utmost care and respect ensuring no harm comes to the frog in the process.



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