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AUGUST 22nd 2021, 10am - 5pm


with Sheran Owens


Constellation work is a profoundly powerful healing modality, through which we are able to identify and clear blockages within a familial system, in order to restore the natural flow of love. In a family constellation the internal image of the person's family is externalised through the help of representatives who take the places of the family members.  From this detached perspective the dynamics and karmic knots, which exist within a family system and govern the behaviours and interactions, can be examined. By standing in the place of the family members, representatives can give voice to the subtle energetic currents which exist in relationship to the other members, but are rarely acknowledged or consciously realised. 


Within a family there often exists an unspoken and unexamined social code. Members of the family live and act within these constructs out of loyalty and rarely question the foundations or validity of these agreements. In an act of love we often take a place within the familial system where we inherit beliefs and patterns from our parents in the hope of facilitating the healing process they themselves were unable to realise. However, lacking the necessary tools for resolution, these dynamics actually shape the child and this inheritance remains largely unconscious and we continually create situations in our lives in order to resolve these complexes.  It is only when manifesting symptoms or illuminating life events occur that force someone to seek resolution at a fundamental level, that these dynamics are ever examined. 


Extricating oneself and observing the manifest relations of the family is a powerful way to gain compassion and insight into the familial system we were born into and the deeply conditioned patterns we inherited. The constellation itself creates a safe space in which these can be clearly recognised and resolved, allowing the participant to actively internalise a new image of the family and a new way of relating.  Ultimately through greater understanding, recognition and awareness, healing can occur for all those within the family line and the relational dynamics can be cleansed. Restoring the system to a state of harmony allows the flow of love to freely pass between those within the family, enriching all.


This workshop is an introduction to family constellations and those in attendance will have the opportunity to participate in 3-4 constellations throughout the day. There will not be the opportunity to constellate every person's family, but the work is not only healing for the person whose family is being constellated. People are often chosen to represent roles because they have a similar energetic resonance or karmic lesson to learn by taking that particular family member's position and are ultimately working on themselves through the resolution process. There is also the opportunity to learn more about the functioning and dynamics which govern a family system and can be applied to one's own family.


The workshop will be held on the full moon of the 22rd August beginning at 10am and running until around 4 or 5pm. The cost of the workshop is 35 euros. There is the possibility to eat a lovingly prepared meal using ingredients from the Rainbow Lodge's organic garden for 5 euros when we break for lunch, please let us know in advance if you wish to join, so that our kitchen witch has an idea of numbers.