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Rainbow Lodge is an off-grid, 22 hectare nature reserve in Central Portugal. Situated at the foothills of the Serra da Estrela Natural Park and surrounded by stunning mountains, our project is grounded in ecological farming, living on and off the land, and facilitating the transition to higher forms of authentic living.

We are now experiencing accelerated growth in our vision of providing a safe space in nature for individuals to escape the limitations, conditioning and stresses of their every day lives. Here you can discover and accept who and what you really are, and take the time to decide on your next step forward.

Getting involved with Rainbow Lodge is a life-changing experience. Our programs provide access to powerful holistic healing, a supportive environment to learn new skills and knowledge from experienced practitioners, and the chance to gain the tools, both internal and external, which you will need to thrive on the New Earth. 


Our integrative approach combines living in conscious community, eating and drinking the highest quality food and water, working on sustainable ecological projects, and having the time and space for your own personal development. Rainbow Lodge has a strong yet open spiritual focus and provides a range of both online and on-site healing and self-discovery techniques. 

We are linked to a network of alternative sustainable projects in this high frequency area of Portugal.

is also the home of the
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Online & On-site

Transformational healing with Andrea

Andrea is the founder of Rainbow Lodge. Aside from acting as a virtual home for the project, this website also serves as a home for my transformational healing services. You can arrange your free consultation, book and pay for sessions both online and in-person, contact me directly, and read about the services I offer.


People most often find their way to me when they are in periods of transformation. They may be looking to escape or needing to find clarity on the way forward for their new life path. I use a unique blend of healing techniques that have their roots in shamanic traditions, and combine these techniques with the science of Astrology.

In my work I listen to people's stories, help them heal or release past relationships and past trauma, and give them clarity on new relationships and approaches going forward. Depending on the service that I am delivering, I function under different guises as an ASCENSION GUIDE, SHAMANIC HEALER, EARTHKEEPER, ORACLE and ASTROLOGER...


I guide individuals through spiritual episodes and crises, and enable my clients to emerge from these processes as their authentic self, aligned with soul, vision and purpose, and with their wellbeing and growth significantly enhanced.

I use Astrology and Tarot as tools for guidance on the overall picture going forward. I also help with more specific guidance such as career choices, which country to live in, life paths, sustainable living, and all things off grid.

Have a look around, and when you are ready...


Are  you searching for a community where you can gain experience of living off-grid, develop your ecological farming skills, equip yourself with the tools necessary to thrive on the New Earth, transform your knowledge base, decide on your next step forward, and have access to healing and activations for the next stage of your evolution? 

The options below outline how getting involved with Rainbow Lodge can assist you at this time...


Do you feel like you don't fit in? Are you often misunderstood? Are you hypersensitive and empathic, and finding it difficult to find your place in the world? Do you want to deepen your understanding of self and come together with like-minded people? Would you like to gain and integrate a roadmap for the next stage of your journey?

Has modern medicine let you down? Do you need to connect with a dedicated and supportive healer, either online or in-person? Would you like to work with an Ascension Guide, Earthkeeper, Shamanic Healer, Oracle and Astrologer to align you with your true self, clear any obstacles and chart your journey forward?

Are you looking to stay in a special place where you can slow down, reset who you are, and spend some time "just being"? Would you like to experience living in community, living on the land in close connection to animals and nature? Do you need an injection of calm and serenity, and have on-site access to the highest quality therapies, 1-2-1 coaching and guidance?

Perhaps you have your own live-in vehicle and are looking for a quiet, contemplative place to park up and experience community, co-working spaces, and have the opportunity to put time into your art, practice, service, and self-development. You may also have core skills that would benefit the Rainbow Lodge project...

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