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Healing & Workshops
Healing & Workshops

 Olá!  I'm Ishtar!

Are you in a period of transformation? Are you looking to escape or needing to find clarity on the way forward for your new life path. I use a unique blend of healing techniques that have their roots in shamanic traditions, and combine these techniques with the science of Astrology.

In my work I listen to people's stories, help them heal or release the past , and give them clarity on their life path going forward. Depending on the service that I am delivering, I function under different guises as a INTUITIVE HEALER, TEACHER or GUIDE.        


Ritual at Folgosinho
Ritual & Ceremony

I guide individuals through spiritual episodes and crises, and enable my clients to emerge from these processes as their authentic self, aligned with soul, vision and purpose, and with their wellbeing and growth significantly enhanced.

I use Astrology and Tarot as tools for guidance on the overall picture going forward. I also help with more specific guidance such as career choices, which country to live in, life paths, sustainable living, and all things off grid.

Have a look around, and when you are ready...

Sacred drum ceremony

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Rainbow Lodge, Monte Calvo, Cortiçô da Serra,

Celorico da Beira, Portugal

Tel: 00 351 962 929 611

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